The Present Situation, Existing Problems and Improvement Measures in Land Reclamation Management of Hebei Province

Yuan FANG, Lu LI, Wei-Zhi GUO, Xiao-Gang ZHENG, Yu-Zhen WANG, Ying ZHANG, Yuan-Jie ZHAO


At present, some achievements in land reclamation of Hebei Province have been made, but there are still some insufficient aspects including the inadequate attention in local governments and project units, the ability shortage in functional management departments, and the propaganda lag on new laws and regulations, not enough supervision, and so on. That seriously have affected on the land reclamation. In order to conscientiously do better the land reclamation of Hebei Province, it is badly in need of a set of clear and perfect management system, to unify land reclamation, to guide land reclamation management work orderly of each city and county. Through the analysis of the current situation of land reclamation management in Hebei Province, this paper sums up the problems existing in the land reclamation management, and aiming at these problems puts forward the countermeasures and suggestions to the healthy development of the land reclamation in Hebei Province.


Land Reclamation, Management, Suggestion, Hebei Province


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