An Experimental Study of Marine Reverse Osmosis Desalination Water Disinfection

Jin-Zeng CHEN, Zhi-Gang FANG, De-Jia ZHOU


For the safety of people, disinfection is an important procedure in freshwater supply. The WHO standard proposes disinfectors and their content in water. As supplying fresh water on sailing ships, reverse osmosis technology play an important role. The disinfection of reverse osmosis desalination water has not been studied enough. In the present work, calcium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide was tested for desalination water as disinfector. By test, the PH, TDS, turbidity, total plate count, and residual chlorine of RO desalination water were studied. It was shown that calcium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide was good disinfector for RO desalination water disinfection. Chlorine dioxide was used as disinfection for RO desalination water can decrease the PH of water.


Reverse Osmosis (RO), Desalination Water, Calcium hypochlorite, Chlorine dioxide, Disinfection


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