Antioxidant Synergistic Effect and Formulation Optimization of Ginkgo Leaves Flavonoid and Loquat Leaves Flavonoid

Xiao-Lei CHEN, Yi-Hua JIANG, Xin-Long JIANG, Zhe-Zi JIN, Ning-Hong MAO, Zhi-You ZHI


In order to understand the synergetic effect between ginkgo leaves flavonoid and loquat leaves flavonoid, synergetic effect and optimal formulation of compound antioxidant were determined with the response surface method under DPPH system. The results showed the component ratio of optimal compound antioxidant was ginkgo leaves flavonoid 8.67μg·ml-1 and loquat leaves flavonoid 76.44 μg·ml-1,the DPPH scavenging rate of the system was 44.82%. Compound antioxidant of ginkgo leaves flavonoid and loquat leaves flavonoid had antagonistic action.


Synergistic Effects, Antioxidant, Ginkgo Leaves Flavonoid, Loquat Leaves Flavonoid, Response Surface Method(RSM)


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