Application and Effect Factors of Artificial Barrier in Heavy Oil Reservoir with Bottom Water

Gao-Ming YU, Yi-Zhong ZHANG, Yan LU, Wen-Xin ZHANG, Kang-Liang GUO, Sheng-Wen LI, Jian-Hua HE


The experience of developing oil reservoir with bottom water indicated that the key technology is to control bottom water coning to extend oil production period with water-free at utmost and to make bottom water drive evenly. Interbed between water and oil beds can curb bottom water coning in production wells and extend oil production period with water-free, then the oil recovery in low water cut period can be greatly enhanced. Artificial barrier, which can control bottom water coning effectively and improve the effect on its growth, is the direction of development on controlling bottom water coning. This paper puts forward a new theoretical calculation equation of barrier pattern. Taking Huan616 reservoir as an example, the results are confirmed by theoretical calculation, indoor physical simulation and numerical simulation. Coning water suppression effect of artificial barrier in the development of heavy oil reservoir with bottom water is also analyzed.


Artificial Barrier, Barrier Pattern, Bottom Water Reservoir, Bottom Water Coning


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