The Study on Connector’s Mechanical Performance of Energy- Saving Precast Concrete Sandwich Panel Structure

De-Feng XU, Li-Mei CHEN, Sheng-Nan TAO, Shu-Chao CHENG, Fei XIAO


The precast concrete sandwich panel structure can meet the requirement of energy efficiency in building and housing industrialization. The connector that is the key component can guarantee the internal layer, the external layer and insulation to work together in the precast concrete sandwich panel structure whose durability and security are important contact with the connector’s mechanical performance and the connector plays a decisive role of the thermal insulation performance and energy-consumption of building. The paper proposes to use U-shape fiber reinforce as the connector of the precast concrete sandwich panel. Based on the 3600×3000 the size of precast concrete sandwich panel and the different arrangement form of the connector. We have used ABAQUS finite element software to analyze the connector’s mechanical behavior to verify it’s rationality. In hope for providing the valuable reference for the U-shape fiber reinforced connector in the application of energy-saving recast concrete sandwich panel structure.


Energy Efficiency Building, Precast Concrete Sandwich Panel, Connector, UShape Fiber Reinforce, Mechanical Performance


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