Analysis on Dispersion and Toxic Effect of Liquefied Ammonia Tank Release Based on PHAST

Zhi-Chao ZHANG, Hui LIU, Shi-Mei SUN


Liquefied ammonia storage under the condition of low temperature and high pressure is widely used in industrial production. The leakage of liquefied ammonia tank can cause personnel intoxicant, fire and explosion accidents. In the present research, we study dispersion and toxic effect of liquefied ammonia tank in the case of an instantaneous release. Wind speed and surface roughness length are influence factors of ammonia dispersion. Distance downwind of ERPG levels and toxic fatality show a trend of increase as the wind speed increasing. Influence distance downwind of ERPG-1 and toxic fatality increase while distance downwind of ERPG-2, ERPG-3 and ERPG-3* tend to decrease with the increase of roughness length. The analysis of results allows us to determine the dead zone, toxic zone and security zone.


Liquefied Ammonia Release, Dispersion, Toxic Effect, PHAST


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