A New Methodology to Quantitatively Define Major Function Oriented Zones of County: The Case of Libo County

Sheng-zi CHEN, Zhong-fa ZHOU, Ping WANG, Xiao-tao SUN


Major function oriented zones (MFOZ) is the new method of spatial regulation for re-shaping regional development pattern in China. County is an important part of the system of administrative divisions, and it is also the key areas of the adjustment of spatial patterns. This paper attempts to put forward MFOZ of county based the state space method which mainly used in the field of theory of ecological carrying capacity, It is established the major functional index by used the state space method and determine the limit threshold and spatial distribution of MFOZ. Considering the layout of the county economy and land use and similar functional area concentration or dispersion degree, MFOZ of Libo county should be divided into four types, namely suitable development zone, moderate development zone, ecological protection zone, prohibition development zone. Compared with the traditional system clustering method, The result of the state space method is more practical. MFOZ can provide a theoretical basis for the sustainable development of Libo county.


Major function oriented zones, Regional development, State space method, System clustering, County


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