The Study of Pre-control Temperature about the Concrete Curing Temperature with the Heating Cable

Jing-di CONG, Lin LIU, Kai GOU


Due to the accelerated pace of the construction, winter construction has become increasingly common. Selecting the appropriate way for concrete conservation, ensuring the normal heat of hydration, so the fact that conservation of time and temperature becomes controllable is particularly important. In this paper, the existing methods are analyzed and compared, it concludes that the most reasonable way is heating cable. By presupposing to reach stable temperature in different time, Using existing formula to calculate the length of the heating cable, not only the length of the heating cable is different, but also the reasonable heating cable winding mode is designed, and the simulation results are obtained by using Gen Midas to simulate the temperature field of concrete under certain conditions. This simulation that the precontrol in 16 hours reaches steady temperature corresponds with the expected temperature, cloud and the highest temperature are realistic, this paper describes the simulation in detail.


Heat of hydration, Controllable, Temperature field


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