A Study on the Water Environmental Impaction Mechanism of Huaxi Wetland Park in the Process of Urbanization

Ting SUN, Fei-yan DENG, Shu-lin JIAO, Dong-wei CHEN


In order to investigate the impact mechanism of urbanization on waters, Huaxi district environment, the analysis was carried out on the watershed forest cover, precipitation, stream water quality, wastewater discharge and treatment, such as river pollution investigation on the influencing factors of water environment. As a result, the influence mechanism and its protection counter measures of water environmental problems were drawn up. Urban development led to a series of soil and water environmental problems on the great pressure of urban water environment in the process of urbanization, due to the fragility of its environment in karsts area, especially in Huaxi. With the urban land expansion of Huaxi country, it was increasing of new immigration residents that mainly varied impact degrees of the wetland water environment.


Urbanization, River water environment, Runoff, Huaxi urban wetland


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