A New Mode of Forging by Using Intelligent Manufacturing



With the development of the Internet of Things and the Internet, the advanced sensing technology, information technology and intelligent technology can be utilized to transform and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industries and to prompt the deep fusion of industrialization and informatization. Consequently, the production and management modes of the enterprises will be changed, the production and operation efficiency will be significantly improved and the production cost and energy consumption will be reduced, which therefore turns to be very significant. This paper puts forward some new modes for intelligent forging under the trend of Cyber-Physical System to solve the difficulties of the forging industry, which are often characterized as complex machining process, low production efficiency and quality stability, high production uncertainty, difficult equipment maintenance and low degree of production traceability. In these modes for intelligent forging, during the production process, the information sensing, network interconnection and artificial intelligence technology are utilized to establish a forging production intelligent platform, so as to realize the efficient collaborative working of the procedures and the global optimization operation of the whole forging process; a forging cloud data center is established for the forging equipment maintenance, so as to realize the efficient operation and maintenance of the forging production line; and on the forging upstream and downstream supply chain, the cloud data platform and the data collecting and integrating technologies as RFID, QR code and EDI are utilized to realize the traceability of the whole forged product through upstream and downstream process. The above new methods can significantly improve the production efficiency of the forging enterprises, reduce the production and operation & maintenance cost and improve the market competiveness through the deep application of the new methods in the forging enterprises.


Industry internet, Intelligent forging, Remote operation & maintenance, Production tracing


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