A Study of Factors Analysis for Organizational Change in China Government-Owned Enterprise

Hsu-Chun SUN, Tien-Ping LIU, Ben-Jeng WANG


After three decades of reforming and opening up, the enterprises in China economy system, no matter the type or the scale of these businesses, face dramatic changes in their environment. This study aimed to investigate the applicability of western management theories in a China government-owned enterprise and to identify key factors of the organizational change in an enterprise. For practical verifications, we developed a thirty-item survey of the enterprise’s cultural change. The survey was validated statistically by analyzing the responses from 303 individuals in a large China government-owned enterprise using the confirmatory factor analysis models, and results were in good agreement with our theoretical structure. In addition, a number of significant correlations between items and factors were found, and five principle components were identified from thirty indicators.


Affecting factors of change, Organizational change, China government-owned enterprise, Organizational transformation

Publication Date

2016-12-21 00:00:00


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