AE Signal Processing for Propagating Crack of Wind Turbine Blade Based on Optimized Morlet Wavelet

Ya-nan ZHANG, Bo ZHOU, Lin-lin WANG, Xian-ming SUN


. Because the AE (Acoustic Emission, AE) characteristics of crack propagating of wind turbine blade is sudden and impactive, Shannon entropy is adopted to optimize the Morlet wavelet basis function by bandwidth parameters. Experimental results show that wavelet scale has relatively concentrated time-frequency characteristics when optimal bandwidth spectral parameter is 5.1. Compared with situation without optimization, it improves the noise interference phenomenon and be able to clearly show the impact characteristics of spectrum, which indicates that optimized wavelet scale is suitable for the extraction of the AE signal characteristic in wind turbine blade crack propagation.


Wind turbine blades, Crack propagation, Acoustic emission signals, Wavelet transform

Publication Date

2016-12-21 00:00:00


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