The Slope Instability Emergency Rescue Analysis When the Neighboring Deep the Foundation Pit Retaining Structure Construction

Biao Xia, Zhibiao Xiong, Chen Peng, Caiyun Zhang


An excavation was introduced in this paper both side slope leads to large deformation analysis of the disaster and monitoring. By analyzing the known not to identification, both the slope reinforcement is a major cause of slope deformation occurred, slope construction safety and construction time limit for a project into consideration, determine the slope to the slope toe bulldozing back pressure, the building of a miniature pile reinforcement before emergency measures, to strengthen the segment foundation pit design, and encryption of foundation pit and slope monitoring. Conclusion analysis of monitoring data before and after the disaster, the slope to take the temporary settlement of construction control has good effect; not completely temporary slope reinforcement to ensure slope stability, but unable to control deformation of sustainable development. Displacement on the top of the foundation pit supporting structure is affected by both side slope displacement.


The foundation pit, Emergency rescue, Monitoring

Publication Date

2016-11-18 00:00:00


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