A Deep Foundation Excavation Supporting Design and Application Technology Research of Zhengzhou

Yong-wei Wang, Yan-qin Guo, Kun Zhang


A deep foundation pit is located in Zhengzhou city, is located in the Yellow River alluvial plain, excavation depth of 12.9 m, engineering site surrounding environment is complex, the soil for silt and silty clay layer, embedded depth of groundwater in the shallow. In the foundation pit supporting design, combining with the field information and physical and mechanical parameters of soil, the elastic foundation beam method considering interaction between supporting pile, anchor and soil and the deformation coordination, selection of CU cohesive force, internal friction Angle parameters of the experiment. "M" method is used to reflect the interaction of piles and soil, anchor cable using common pull type high pressure jet grouting anchor cable, anchor cable and the high pressure jet grouting anchor cable selection, increase the anchor stiffness, inhibit deformation. Through anchor stress, deep horizontal displacement of foundation pit monitoring process monitoring data, it is concluded that the rationality of the design of foundation and construction feasibility. Through engineering practice, under the premise that ensure the security of foundation pit side wall, has obtained the good economic benefits. Through the system summary and analysis for the pile anchor supporting system similar to the soil and surrounding environment in Zhengzhou region to provide experience for the design and application of reference.


Deep foundation excavation; pile anchor system; support design; foundation monitoring; application

Publication Date

2016-11-18 00:00:00


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