A Novel Modular Liquid-cooled Battery Thermal Management for Cylindrical Lithium-ion Battery Module

Haitao WANG, Tao TAO, Jun XU, Xiaoyan LIU, Piao GOU, Xuesong MEI


Effective battery thermal management is significant for electric vehicle to maintain the performance and life cycle of battery packs. In this paper, a novel modular liquid-cooled system for batteries is designed, and the effect of cooling water flow rate and cooling mode (Serial cooling and parallel cooling) on the thermal behavior of the battery module is studied by CFD numerical simulation and experiment. The results show that there is a limit to improve the cooling effect by increasing the cooling water flow rate for the specific cooling structure. When the flow rate is relatively small, increasing the cooling water flow rate can significantly lower the maximum temperature and improve the temperature uniformity in the battery module; when the flow rate increases to a certain value, increasing the cooling water flow rate has no obvious effect on improving cooling effect. Compared with serial cooling, parallel cooling can significantly lower the temperature of the battery module, reduce the temperature difference between single cells, and improve the temperature uniformity of the battery module.


lithium-ion battery, thermal management System, modular, liquid-cooled


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