A Novel and High-Efficiency Reaming Assembly for Underground Pipelines Pulling Back Laying in Horizontal Directional Drilling

Ji-wei WEN


In recent years, the available urban ground space is less and less with the rapid development of economy and urban infrastructure construction. Thus, the rational utilization and development of urban underground space is gradually becoming the focus of the world. Trenchless technology is a great invention to effectively resolve the various subsurface pipelines investigation, laying, rehabilitation and replacement without digging ground. In which, horizontal directional drilling is a kind of method to achieve the subsurface pipelines with the different diameters laying. In this study, a novel and high-efficiency reaming assembly for underground pipelines pulling back laying is presented. It mainly combines torque impactor or hydraulic impactor, several cutting circular rings with gradually decreased diameters, nozzles and sealing connector. It cuts and breaks rock by the means of percussion rotary jet drilling, resulting in the smooth implementation of trenchless pipeline laying, especially in the rock strata.


Trenchless technology, Horizontal directional drilling, High-efficiency reaming assembly, Underground pipelines installation.


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