New Features of Automatic Meter Reading System: Based on Edge Computing

Wen-xin LEI, Yi-xin JIANG, Hong WEN, Ai-dong XU, Zhe MING, Wen-jing HOU, Yu-jun YIN


In this paper, we focus on edge computing in smart grid and have improved the automated meter reading (AMR) system. In addition, to achieve security processing of a large number of intelligent terminals and massive data in real time and efficient responses, this paper presents an open platform which is developed on the edge of the network close to the power terminal devices or data sources, and proposes a security protection framework of smart grid based on edge computing. As a result, this new AMR system can provide real-time services, possess abilities of efficient data processing and applied intelligence, and effectively resist attacks on smart grid.


Smart Grid, Automated Meter Reading (AMR), Concentrator, Edge computing, Security


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