Research on Knowledge Cognitive Network Construction and Operation Mechanism Based on Basic-element Library

Na-na WANG, Wei LIU, Ao WANG


Cognitive Network is an active Network with Cognitive power and intelligence developed in recent decades, and it is a research hotspot in the world. Many new achievements have been made in the research on cognitive process and mode in the world. Great progress has been made in the switching between the two modes of thinking, namely focused mode and diffuse mode. Guided by the theory of Basic-element, this paper studies the knowledge understanding of the network model and its operation mechanism based on the base library and taking the basis as the network node. The introduction of Basic-element into cognitive network is to better describe the heterogeneity, dynamic and multidimensional of network nodes, while the use of Basic-element library can integrate prior knowledge into machine learning system. The knowledge network model for double network, the focused for knowledge network model, the upper divergence for knowledge network model, the lower the knowledge focused on the role network model is formed of block (hypergraph super edge), the block (edge) is mapped to the upper network form knowledge accumulation point, in the lower level of knowledge and strategy in the process of switching. This study is a new model for exploring cognitive network learning. The application background can be optimization problems in transportation network and logistics network as well as intelligent combination problems in other fields.


Knowledge cognition network, Chunk learning, Basic-element library


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