SD Simulation Model of Knowledge Learning for Innovation Following Enterprises

Xi-zheng ZHANG, Yan-qing WANG, Wen LUO


In this paper, we established the system dynamics model of knowledge learning from leading enterprises to following enterprises in the case of knowledge spillover, and then studied the intrinsic mechanism of two different learning strategies “knowledge transfer and knowledge integration”. Research shows: (1) In the case of knowledge spillover, the knowledge stock, explicit knowledge, true tacit knowledge and pseudo-hidden knowledge of the following enterprise are all growing steadily in the process of learning. (2) Due to the continuous innovation investment of the innovative leading enterprise, the knowledge learning of the following enterprise has not reduced the knowledge gap between the two enterprises, instead, the gap has become larger. (3) The knowledge innovation output of the leading enterprise is rising continuously in the random fluctuations, while the knowledge level of the following enterprise is in a stable growth trend throughout the knowledge learning process, reflecting the low innovation risk of the followers.


Innovation leading enterprises, Innovation following enterprises, Learning by knowledge transfer, Learning by knowledge integration, System dynamics


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