Motion Simulation of Bionic Surface Panel on Soil Based on FEM-SPH Coupled Algorithm

Fan-fei JIA, Yan-qin TANG, Dian-wu ZHANG, Kun HU, Yu-xing WANG


In order to further determine the optimal size of the bionic surface, the bionic surface panel model of the FEM solid element and the soil model of the SPH particle were built by using SolidWorks and ANSY/LS-DYNA softwares to simulate the movement of the bionic surface panel on the soil. The simulation results of the traction of the bionic surface panel and the stress distribution of the soil were analyzed. The results showed that the traction changes tended to be stable and vary slightly around 102N. Comparing with the experiment, it was found that the changes of traction in the simulation were consistent with the experimental results, and the relative error of the maximum traction was less than 20%. The simulation of the motion of the bionic surface panel on the soil can reduce the cost and time consumption of the experiment, and provide a theoretical basis for the design of the bionic pile tip of the anti-flood spiral pile.


Bionic surface panel, Soil, Traction, FEM-SPH coupled algorithm


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