A Visualization Modeling Method of Road 3D Model

Yang YU, Hu SU, Zhi-qiang WANG, Xiong-qing PENG


This paper presents a visualization modeling method of road 3D model for traffic simulation and driving simulation. With this method, the semi-automatic design of the road longitudinal curve can be realized, and the linearity test can be completed automatically according to the road design theory. The building block method has been used in this method to store the linear data of the road. Based on the constrained Delaunay triangulation theory, the automatic construction of the road 3D model and matching with the terrain model is realized. This paper introduces the main algorithms and data structure used in this method, and implements a 3D visualization modeling tool by using Qt, OSG and other software.


Visualization modeling, Building block method, Constrained Delaunay triangulation


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