Marine and Terrestrial Economic Interactive Efficiency Measurement in the Coastal Areas of China and the Regional Difference Analysis

Xiao-hui AN


This paper selects China’s 11 coastal provinces from 2008-2012 in three major economic zones, using DEA method to calculate the marine and terrestrial interactive efficiency, combining Theil index model to measure interactive efficiency difference in the interregional level. The results show that, the interactive efficiency showing an upward trend in volatility, terrestrial economic inputs’ effect on marine economic outputs is slightly higher than marine economic inputs’ effect on terrestrial economic outputs. most areas are in the state of decreasing returns to scale, it indicates that there is a problem the structure of input factors. In terms of input-output redundancy, there is a certain irrationality of element inputs. Regional differences in the interactive efficiency of the three major economic zones show that circum-Bohai-Sea,>Yangtze River>Pan-Pearl River, and the inter-regional differences are the main factors causing regional differences.


Marine and Terrestrial Economic, Interactive Efficiency, Regional Differences


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