Soil Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System Design for Farm Land Based on ZigBee Communication Technology

Yue REN, Ru-yue SHEN, Qian HE, Jia WANG, Xi-yuan CHEN, Wei-hao DU, Qi-ming TAN, Lin-shuang CHEN, Yi-xin QIN, Hai-bo PU, Li-hua ZHANG, Cheng-yi HUANG


Based on the ZigBee wireless transmission network and sensor technology, the article designed a monitoring framework system to monitor temperature and humidity of farmland soil. The system can realize the remote acquisition of soil temperature and humidity information, real-time monitoring and threshold alarm. Based on TI protocol, this system forms a self-organizing network through coordinator node, router nodes and end devices, which transmit soil temperature and humidity information. Finally, the LCD screen of the coordinator displays the feedback information. Meanwhile, the coordinator analyzes the obtained data and controls the work of the buzzer and indicator light, so as to realize the farmland soil temperature humidity environment data remote transmission and real-time monitoring. The system can monitor soil temperature and humidity data accurately at a very low cost and has a broad application prospect among individual farmers.


ZigBee, Temperature and Humidity, Monitoring


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