Pilot Evaluation of DSA Anode Electrochemical Scaling Applied in a Cooling Water Circulation System

Jian-yong YU, Gang ZHANG, Jiao-ping WANG


Scale deposition in circulate cooling water system is a terrible problem which could result in the reduction of heat transfer efficiency and increasing of operational consumption. In this paper, based on the Lab scale experiment, the DSA electrodes was evaluated in cooling water scaling by pilot experiment. The experimental results indicated that, the hardness removal rate appeared approximately linear relationship with the current density, and the hardness removal rate increased rapidly with the increasing of the residence time and then tends to be stable. According to the scaling requirement and economic consumption in practical application, under the experimental condition, current density of 25.56A/m2 and the residence time of 4min was the best working condition with the hardness removal rate of 22.87%. The research results could provide important practical basis for the development, design and commissioning of electrochemical equipment in the future.


Dimensionally Stable Anode, Current Density, Inter-electrode Distance, Specific Energy Consumption


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