Orthogonal Experiment for Desalination Efficiency of Electromagnetic Desalination System

He TIAN, Lu DANG, Shi-min ZHOU


Electromagnetic desalination system is designed by coupling effect of electric field and magnetic field. By designing the L27 (313) orthogonal table as the experimental scheme, the electromagnetic desalination efficiency is used as the data of the range R analysis. The main and secondary factors influencing desalination efficiency are as follows: initial seawater concentration(F)>influent flow(G)>interaction of adsorption voltage(D) and magnetic field(E)> interaction of activated carbon pore size(A) and substrate material(B)>interaction of activated carbon pore size(A) and adsorption voltage(D)> adsorption voltage(D)>magnetic field(E)>number of electrodes(E)>substrate material(B)>activated carbon pore size(A).The best combination of seawater desalination is A2B2C1D3E3F1G2. The range R of factor F is 20.53, which indicates that the initial seawater concentration has a highly significant influence on the desalination effect of seawater.


Desalination System, Orthogonal Experimental Design, Seawater Desalination Efficiency, Influence Factors


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