Improving ESTA and Implementing the Expert System of Substation Direct Current System Condition Evaluation

Zi-rong ZHANG, Qi-ming CUI, Shu-ting CUI, Kai LIANG, Hong-yu MENG, Xue WANG, Yang BAI, Su-long HUANG, Fu-kun LI, Yue LI, Xue ZHAO, Bo HUANG, Ni NI, Hui-wen CHEN, Pin-rui HUANG


It makes possible that it can do basic uncertain inference and directly read/write some table contents of MySQL database with improved ESTA 4.5 (Expert System Shell for Text Animation) based on Visual Prolog 6.3 and Windows, namely adding some uncertain inference functions and some interaction functions with MySQL to the ESTA. It put forward also an uncertain inference method in the ESTA 4.5 based on Visual Prolog 5.2 and Web. It had designed and implemented a condition evaluation expert system of substation DC (Direct Current) system based on the improved ESTA and the enterprise standards (Q/GDW 607-2011) of State Grid. The test shows that the uncertain inference of improved ESTA has feasibility, the interaction with MySQL simplifies some rules of writing and enhances flexibility of it, and the expert system is effective and practical.


ESTA, Expert System, Visual Prolog, Substation DC System, Condition Evaluation


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