Research on the Manufacturing Process of Submarine Cable Joints and Joint Room Design

Zhi-gang ZHANG, Jian-cheng WANG, Yi-jun DONG, Wu-bin XU, Hai-cheng TAO, Juan-juan WANG, Hong-sheng YAN


In this paper, the connection technology of offshore cables is summarized and analyzed in accordance with the requirements of environmental conditions for laying submarine cables in deep water. Then the technical requirements and characteristics of the design, construction and operation of submarine cable joint chamber are studied, and the general manufacturing process of the joint is summarized. Finally, on the basis of the above research results, combined with the research and development of submarine cable joint room in China and other relevant information, a practical design scheme of submarine cable joint room is proposed, and its reliability and practicability are analyzed in terms of service conditions, main equipment and technical characteristics.


Submarine Cable Joints, Joint Room Design, Technical Requirements, Main Equipment, Technical Characteristics


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