Two-Magnet Energy Harvesting Devices in Subsea Sensors

Min-Chie CHIU


The subsea environment is difficult to overcome and requires sophisticated tools to monitor such as Autonomous or Remote Underwater Vehicles, submersible sensors, and very skilled manpower. How to supply power indefinitely to stationary sensors at the bottom of the sea becomes an essential issue. In previous work, a one-magnet energy harvester which is installed on the bottom of the sea to generate electricity has been proposed. In order to improve the electrical power, a two-magnet energy harvester is thus proposed to explore in the study. The device is actuated using water current and the output voltage is fed through a voltage rectifier to convert it to the required DC input of the sensors. Simulations results showed that the electrical voltage generated from the two-magnet energy harvester is 400 times than that of the one-magnet energy harvester.


Two-magnet, Submersible Sensors, Water Current


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