Study on the Relationship Between Pore Structure and Residual Oil in Low Permeability Reservoir

Li-yan SUN, Jian-da ZHANG


At present, there is little research on the fundamental factor of pore structure affecting the recovery rate of low permeability oil layer at home and abroad, most of the research stays on the macroscopic seepage law and oilfield development scheme, seldom analyzes the intrinsic relationship between pore structure and fluid distribution from the microscopic point, studies the root cause of the influence of fluid distribution and residual oil formation, In order to find an effective method to improve the recovery rate of low permeability oil layer. Because of the different characteristics of pore structure, the seepage characteristics vary, from one class to five categories, the saturation of bound water increases, the permeability of oil phase changes rapidly, the coexistence area of oil and water decreases, the permeability of aqueous phase decreases, and the change of water content increases rapidly. The reservoir with good pore structure is more uniform, and the utilization degree of reservoir with poor pore structure becomes worse. This paper is a study on the relationship between pore structure and residual oil in low permeability reservoirs.


Pore Radius, Laryngeal Radius, Pore Throat Ratio, Plane Coordination Number, Plane Circuitous Degree, Shape Factor


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