Effect of EUP Injection Parameters on the Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Engine

Dong TANG, Xiao-feng MIAO, Yi-wen ZHOU, Jian-fei WEI, Xiang-lin ZHONG


With the increasingly stringent requirements for energy conservation and emission re-duction of diesel engine, electronic control of diesel fuel injection system is necessary. EUP (elec-tronic unit pump) can precisely control the fuel injection process which can reduce the exhaust emission and fuel consumption effectively. In this paper a EUP diesel engine is used as the research object. Through the combination of simulation and experiment, the effect of injector diameter and injection timing on the combustion of the engine is studied. The results show that the above param-eters have an important effect on the gas mixture formation and combustion process of the diesel engine in the cylinder. By selecting the appropriate parameters, the optimized diesel engine can meet the non-road national stage III emission regulation.


Diesel Engine, Injection Parameter, Combustion; Emission, Numerical Simulation


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