Energy-efficient Hull Design to Reduce River Water Resistance

Xin-ni ZHU, Wei-jun WANG, Wang-zheng AI


It has designed an energy-efficient hull that can reduce the resistance of river water. There are sealed cavity, boat bottom plate, deflector, water-breaking plate, broken water tooth, diversion trough, auxiliary motor, main drive motor, keel, cabin on the hull. The hull is made of steel plate material. The bow and the broken water tooth at the bottom of the hull are made into a pointed shape. And the water-breaking plate is made into a wedge shape. A gap is left between the water-breaking plates as a diversion trough to make the water flow backwards. A main drive motor is installed in the middle of the tail of the hull, and auxiliary motors are respectively installed on both sides of the main drive motor. The auxiliary motor can be used for hull acceleration or as a steering guide. A sealed cavity is provided inside the hull for supercharging the buoyancy of the hull, thereby increasing the bearing capacity and water pressure resistance of the hull. Through the STAR-CCM+ commercial software to simulate the voyage state of the hull in the river, it is concluded that the whole hull greatly reduces the wave forming resistance of the river during the voyage, reduces the fuel consumption, and reduces the emissions of harmful pollutants including CO2. It is suitable for the green background of the international shipping industry.


Wave Forming Resistance, Water-Breaking Plate, Energy Conservation


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