Power Consumption Analysis of Conveying Device for Electric Sugarcane Leaves Returning Field Machine

Meng YU, Yi-sen LIN, Yan-qin TANG, Yu-xing WANG


Aiming at special structure of the conveying device for electric sugarcane leaves returning field machine, this paper presents a modeling method which can calculate power consumption according to different parameters. This method uses the thought of elementary work to build mathematical model models from two aspects of sugarcane leaf and brush cluster. The theoretical formula for calculating the power consumption of the drum type brush throwing device can be obtained by this method. Using the power consumption model and combined with the existing structural parameters and motion parameters, the working power of the conveying device for the returning field machine can be calculated. The research results in this paper will play a significant role in decreasing the power consumption and provide the feasible theoretical reference for further designing the conveying device for electric sugarcane leaves returning field machine.


Brush, Conveying device, Power consumption analysis, Mathematical modeling


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