The Study of Tunnel Air Purification System Technology

Xiaoyang Liu, Lili Zhang


Vehicles in the tunnel emit a lot of particulate matter, CO, NOX and other pollutants[1]. The main component of NOX is NO and NO2.Studies have shown that NO2 can invade human body through respiratory tract, skin and digestive tract, It is a poison in the nervous system, which can inhibit the activity of enzyme, affect the metabolism of lipoprotein, and cause cardiovascular diseases. Exposure to high concentration of NO2 steam for a short time can cause acute poisoning. Therefore, it is very necessary to effectively remove NO2 in the tunnel, and the total atmospheric emission of NO2 [2] is controlled. Many tunnel projects at home and abroad have introduced tunnel air purification system, which can not only effectively remove particles [3], but also effectively remove NO2. The installation of tunnel air purification system not only provides good quality air for the personnel in the tunnel, but also makes a unique contribution to the reduction of pollutant emissions to the atmosphere in the tunnel.


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