A PEC Sensor Based on Graphene Modified Platinum/N-Silicon Electrode for Sensing of Hydroquinone and Catechol

Hua Zhang, Jiao Li, Haibin Sun, Lixia Zhou


A graphene (Gr) decorated platinum/n-silicon (Pt/Si) sensor was put forward to detect hydroquinone (HQ) and catechol (CC) in a photoelectron chemical (PEC) way. Platinum film was coated on the polished side of the n-silicon wafer by vacuum evaporation and then Hummer method prepared graphene was used to decorate the Pt/Si wafer to build a Gr-Pt/Si PEC sensor. The morphology of the Gr-Pt/Si was characterized by SEM and the modified graphene was characterized by FTIR. The photoelectric properties of the Gr-Pt/Si were studied by semi-log current-voltage (logI–V) and photo response measurements. The suggested sensor was used to detect HQ and CC in a linear range of 10-300 μM with a detection limit of 1.9μMand 2.4 μM(S/N=3), respectively.


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