A Battery Energy Storage System Assisted EV Charger Based on a Three Port DCDC Converter

Niu Liyong, Yu Guoshan, Li Jingxin


In order to achieve a faster charging speed to the electric vehicle by a charger supplied with a limited capacity AC source, a battery energy storage system assisted EV charger based on a non-isolated three-port bidirectional dc-dc converter is proposed in this paper. The converter can work in single input single output, single input dual output, and dual input single output modes. It has the advantages of simple structure and flexible control. The working modes of the charger and the converter is described firstly. Then the working principles of the converter are analyzed and followed by the description of a three layer control system. An experimental prototype was built to test the converter. The experimental results show that the converter can work properly in the proposed modes.


EV charger, Bidirectional dc-dc converter, Three-port converter


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