The Regenerative Braking Control Based on the Prediction of Braking Intention for Electric Vehicles

HongWen He, Bing Lu, Rui Xiong, Jiankun Peng


Considering the braking-by-wire characteristic of the electric vehicle, the prediction regenerative braking control strategy is proposed. The Hidden Markov Model is used to predict the braking intention, and different regenerative braking control strategies are designed according to the braking intention. The vehicle braking type is divided into three types according to the emergency degree. The vehicle dynamics model is built, and five typical driving cycles are simulated to validate the braking performance and evaluate the energy recovery efficient. The simulation results show both the braking performance and energy recovery efficient are improved, e.g. As for the braking velocity of 100km/h under the driving cycle of SC03, the braking distance is shorted 0.23m under the emergency situation, while the energy recovery is increased 0.302kwh per 100km.


regenerative braking control, Hidden Markov Model, braking intention


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