A Dual-motor Coupling Propulsion System Design and Control Strategy Optimization for an Electric Coach

Wenwei Wang, Hong Pan, Cheng Lin, Jiang Yi, Sheng Yang


Conventional electric coach bus calls for high-performance drive motor with its single-motor driveline system, especially in areas with harsh road environment. A dual-motor coupling propulsion system with multi-speed transmission offers the possibility of comprehensive improvement of the whole vehicle. This paper takes a high-performance electric coach as research object to design a matching dual-motor propulsion system with two-speed transmission. Firstly, the dual-motor parameters are matched according to the performance requirements of the coach, then the motor efficiency map is analyzed and matched for higher energy efficiency. Secondly, a coach model with system above is built, on which an energy-optimized online control strategy is proposed, which gives gearshift schedule and torque-allocation proportion. At last, with back propagation (BP) artificial neural network, the control rule is extracted, which can be easily used in practice. The simulation results show that, compared with the preliminary dual-motor system with a rule-based strategy, the energy economy based on the proposed design decrease by 15.6 % with the new strategy. It indicates that the proposed design and control strategy provides a significant improvement of energy efficiency and dynamic performance for electric coach.


Dual-motor coupling propulsion system, Parameter matching, Control strategy optimization, BP artificial neural network


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