A Novel Multi-scale Co-estimation Framework of State of Charge, State of Health, and State of Power for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Xiaosong Hu, Haifu Jiang, Fei Feng, Changfu Zou


Considering the underlying coupling among State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), and State of Power (SOP), this work proposes a novel multi-timescale co-estimation framework for these lithium-ion battery states. A modified moving horizon estimator (mMHE) is applied to the SOC estimation in real time. The model parameters affecting the SOP estimation are periodically updated through an mMHE optimization with a relatively long time horizon. The ampere-hour integral and the estimated SOC are employed to realize the SOH estimation offline. The effectiveness of the joint SOC/SOH/SOP estimation is validated experimentally on real-world batteries.


State of Charge, State of Health, State of Power, Batteries


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