Internet of Things Based Smart Greenhouse: Remote Monitoring and Automatic Control

Mohammad Woli Ullah, Mohammad Golam Mortuza, Md Humayun Kabir, Zia Uddin Ahmed, Sovan Kumar Dey Supta, Partho Das, Syed Mohammad Didar Hossain


Conventional greenhouses need regulated climate conditions to grow plants in there. Without an automatic control system, it is quite impossible to maintain the accurate climate conditions inside the green houses. This paper proposes such an automatic system for greenhouses to control its’ internal environment, to store each climate properties in a database for future analysis and to ensure remote monitoring to those data. Internet of Things (IoT) is used for remote monitoring and analysis of data. Also, an android application is developed to display those data in a short range through Bluetooth technology. The system controls the temperature, humidity, light and soil moisture level by sensing the values from sensors and controlling heaters/coolers, sprayers, bulbs and water pumps accordingly.


Internet of Things, Greenhouse, Android Application, Remote Monitoring, Automatic Control


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