A Novel TOU Price Based Coordinated Charging Strategy for EVs in the Fast Charging Station

Yan Bao, Weige Zhang, Fangyu Chang


Fast charging is becoming the mainstream of electric vehicle charging mode due to its high-power rapidrecharging ability. However, it also results in a unique load with large peak-to-valley difference, which will bring new challenge to the reliable and economic operation of charging stations and even distribution networks. Coordinated charging is a promising approach to improve this load characteristic. A TOU (Time-of-use) charging pricing mechanism based on prospect theory is proposed to coordinate the charging behavior and control the charging load of the station in this paper. The gird-friendly integration and customerfriendly charging are achieved while reducing the cost of electricity purchased by charging station operators. This novel coordinated charging strategy is then studied on a case from a fast charging station to validate its effectiveness.


electric vehicle; fast charging station; coordinated charging; TOU charging price


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