A Comparative Study on Coaxial Parallel and Coaxial Parallel-serial Hybrid Architectures for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Buses

Zeyu Yang, Zhanyi Hu, Manjiang Hu, Zhihua Zhong


This paper presents a comparative study on coaxial parallel hybrid (PH) and coaxial parallel-serial hybrid (PSH) powertrain architectures for plug-in hybrid electric buses (PHEB) in the perspective of economical performance. To do so, parameters of main components, including the engine power, the electric motor power, the capacity of battery are selected based on the same dynamic specifications of a PHEB. Then the PH electric bus (PHB) and the PSH electric bus (PSHB) are modeled in Matlab/Simulink, respectively. The dynamic programming (DP) algorithm and the nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) based energy management controllers are designed to evaluate the fuel consumption and the energy cost of batteries. The simulation results reveal that the electric motors in PSHB possess about 10% higher equivalent efficiency and the PSHB has the superiority of energy saving effect over PHB.


Coaxial Parallel PHEB, Coaxial Parallelserial PHEB, economical performance, comparative study


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