A Novel Fast Charging Method Based on Simplified Pseudo Two- Dimensional Model Considering Side Reactions for Lithium-ion Battery

Yizhao Gao, Xi Zhang, Jun Yang, Bangjun Guo


A novel fast charging algorithm based on a simplified electrochemical thermal battery model considering side reactions is proposed in this paper. The method applies multistage charging strategies to charge the battery. The results of the testing on a high power NMC lithium-ion cell subjected to the method are reported. The presented charging curve permits a full recharging of the cell in approximately 35 minutes, nearly 50% of the Constant Current-Constant Voltage (CC-CV). The model is used to dynamically estimate the side reaction rate and degradation representatives at anode. The simulation and experimental results show that the proposed charging method reduces the side-effects generally accompanied by the normal CC-CV charging and slows down aging rate of a cell.


Fast charging; Lithium-ion battery; Side reactions


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