A Particle Swarm Optimization for Terminal Resistor Matching

Jiang-feng NAN, Jin-rui NAN, Xiao-lin XU


The CAN bus is widely used in the industrial field and its terminal resistance has an important influence on the bus signal. In this paper, a particle swarm optimization based on the joint simulation of Saber and MATLAB is proposed to address this problem. First, we transform the terminal resistor matching problem into a minimisation multi-objective optimization problem and formulate the objective function by considering three objectives: bus voltage, rise time and overshoot. Then, we establish a network topology model of CAN bus in Saber, and combine saber and MATLAB. Finally, virtual simulation and physical verification are conducted and the results demonstrate that the optimized terminating resistor has a significant improvement on the signal quality of the bus, and algorithm has engineering applicability.


CAN bus; terminal resistor; the joint simulation; particle swarm optimization algorithm


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