A Novel Stability Analysis Approach for the Gird-connected Wind Generator Based on Impedance Ratio Criterion

Jin-bo WU, Qing-hong DENG, Shang-feng XIONG, Ting CUI, Wei-jun ZHU, Zhen-wen LI


A novel stability analysis approach is proposed for a gird-connected Wind generator system based on the impedance criterion, which can consider the dynamic characteristics of permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG). Firstly, the stability analysis criteria for the grid connected power system with electronic converters is deduced based on the impedance stability analysis principle. Secondly, the small signal model of a PMSG with consideration of the dynamic characteristics of PMSG is established by the state-space equation of PMSG, and the output impedance of a grid-connected PMSG system is derived. On this basis, the stability analysis method for the gird-connected PMSG is obtained. Numerical simulation are performed to validate the proposed control method.


Stability Analysis Approach, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG), Impedance Ratio Criterion, Power System with Electronic Converter


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