Active Power Sharing Method of Battery Energy Storage Systems for Frequency Control of Commercial Park Power Grids

Yue LI, Xiang-jun LI, Zi-cheng MAO, Shang-xing WANG, Xue-cui JIA, Yue-zhong TANG, Chen FANG, Hao-jing WANG, Yu ZHANG


In this paper, a frequency control method for off-grid operation of energy storage systems has been proposed with virtual synchronous control. Firstly, the single-machine mathematical model of the power converter system (PCS) controlled by the virtual synchronous machine is established. Secondly, energy storage systems based on virtual synchronous control have been analyzed. Finally, two battery energy storage systems (BESS) were built on the SIMULINK simulation platform to realize island operation of the energy storage system, which verified the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.


Battery energy storage system, Virtual synchronous machine, Frequency regulation, Multi-machine parallel connection


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