A Design of Local Airflow System for Livestock House Based on Solar-Induced Ventilation Wall

Song-jian NAN, Guang-yu MI, Li-hao PANG, Yun-fe MA, Shu-guang LIU


Ventilation can improve the indoor air environment of pheasantry. At present, the longitudinal ventilation mode of fan-pad airflow system is mainly used in livestock and poultry production. However, due to the high density of feeding, clean air tends to pass through the middle aisle, which leads to poor ventilation in pheasantry. It cannot effectively reduce the high temperature in cages,and high concentrations of harmful gas and dust affects the quality of livestock and poultry production. Taking caged broiler as an example, this paper designs a new type of ventilation system, which combines Solar-Induced Ventilation Wall with local air supply pipeline to form a system of fan- Solar-Induced Ventilation Wall - air supply pipeline. It adjusts and purifies the local environment of cage. This design includes many operation modes, such as auxiliary ventilation especially designed for using in summer or winter, which achieves the goal of ventilation all year round. The design can effectively solve the problem of poor ventilation in pheasantry, thereby realizing suitable air supply, energy saving and environmental protection by using solar energy. It is a good application in the production of livestock and poultry.


Pheasantry, local ventilation, Solar-induced ventilation wall, Fan-solar-induced ventilation wall system, Pipe air supply


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