An Electrical Measuring System Integrated with a Linear-arrayed Probing Device and an Optical Registration System for Gas Sensors

Ming-fu CHEN, Yi-hao LIN, Chih-wen CHEN, Yu-hsin LIN, Po-jui CHEN


The electrical measurement is necessary for quality assurance and classification for all chips during manufacturing processes. Linear-arrayed probing device with capability of simultaneously measuring 10 chips of gas sensors is developed considering the compromise of performance, cost and registration for wafer-based electrical measurement system. An optical registration system, consists of 2 optical imaging devices, is designed and integrated with a linear-arrayed probing device and motion stage platform for probes alignment and wafer positioning. A small gas chamber is required to provide homogenous concentration of testing gas at probing area above wafer. Proposed measuring system has the features that homogeneous concentration of gas in chamber can be achieved quickly in 1 minute, and probing efficiency is good that probing a 6”-wafer with chip size of 1x1 mm (about 17600 chip/wafer) can be finished in 30 minutes. Detail design of electrical measuring system and implementation of all of devices, subsystems, gas chambers, a chuck table with heater and the motion stage platform are completed. And system I&T is being conducted at the moment.


Electrical measurement, Linear-arrayed probing device, Optical registration, Gas sensor


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