The Study on the Integration of Green Architecture and Appropriate Technology



The study does some discussions by putting green architecture and appropriate technology into the same framework. On the one hand, appropriate technology can be used as one of the design principle for green architecture, in order to help us assess scientifically to the architecture, and deepen the theory and practice of green architecture. On the other hand, the concept of appropriate technology which arisen from the West, will face the current situation of confrontation and challenge in China's regional social. The development of green architecture and appropriate technology will have been a interactional and mutual learning process for a very long time. The research not only put forward suggestions on theory and practice of green architecture and technology, but also rethink the applicability of current technological and social concept by the case of American Village homes green community, in order to open up the communication cooperation space and explore the feasibility for remolding the modern society.


Integration, Green architecture, Appropriate technology, Strategy, Ecological community


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