A Study on Sustainable Development Strategy Driven by Energy Transition for Suzhou

Guanglong Xie, Hongwei Tang, Yu Zhang, Xianhu Wang


City is the main body of energy consumption, and also the main battlefield of energy transition. With the proposal of energy revolution strategy called “four revolutions and one cooperation”, urban energy transition becomes an important proposition in national energy pattern. Suzhou proposed the declaration of building an international energy transition development model city and explores the impact of energy on urban sustainable development by taking itself as a sample. Based on the experience of energy transition in London and analysis of economic, energy and industrial structure in Suzhou, this paper puts forward the sustainable development goals of Suzhou and studies strategies for the Suzhou sustainable development through "bow-string-arrow" theory model of Suzhou energy transition. This paper argues that Suzhou needs to further deepen the clean energy and energy conservation, at the same time, promote upgrading and optimization of city industrial structure through technical innovation and policy guarantee, so as to achieve rapid and high quality economic growth, and promote comprehensive energy efficiency.


Suzhou, energy transition, sustainable development


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