A Portable Energy Efficiency Monitoring Device Based on FPGA and Dual DSPs

Jialiang Li, Xianglian Xu, Zewei Mao


This paper focus on the need of energy efficiency monitoring of the distribution system and its equipments and presents a design of a portable energy efficiency monitoring device that has the feature of multi-point online monitoring and remote wireless networking. The main contents include the detailed design and improvement of the FFT harmonic analysis algorithm which is applied to the device, then the double spectral lines interpolation algorithm with hanning window is adopted in the paper and the FPGA and dual DSPs are chosen as the core hardware architecture of the acquisition terminal, also the overall system topology is design and shown after that. A large number of experiments conducted for the system proved that the device integrates remote multi-point online monitoring of the power quality and mobile inspection, which meets the actual needs of the power industry, hence the design in this paper owns both high theoretical reference value and practical value.


FFT harmonic analysis, FPGA, DSP, multi-point monitoring, wireless networking


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